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About SRS
Name SmartRocks (SRS)
Blockchain BSC
Total supply 2,000
Burnt 913 45.7%
Current Circulating Supply 1,087
Market Price $120 / 0.391 BNB
Baseline Value $106 / 0.345 BNB
Price Ratio 1.13 X
24h Volume: 0 / 0 BNB
24h Volume Detailed:
Buy Sell
0 0
24h trx count: 0
24h trx count Detailed:
Buy Sell
0 0
Market Cap $130,251 / 426 BNB
Fully Diluted Market Cap $130,251 / 426 BNB
Token address 0xE6A2de529CE13753e83F7C1aaCAb5653276D99EA

SRS Token address:

About SRS
🔰Project Introduction:
SmartRocks is committed to building a complete NFTS trade platform infrastructure on the BinanceSmartChain, bringing blockchain projects to reality and becoming an expert on blockchain as a large-scale service to support the entire NFT ecosystem and SmartRocks projects. All NFT releases are planned and vetted with renowned musicians, artists, athletes, digital creatives and world-renowned influencers, which allows each project we publish to create real intrinsic value.

🔰 SmartDEFI Ecosystem:
SmartRocks uses SmartDeFi protocol to build tokens, 100% asset-backed, is the most advanced product of FEG tokens, the contract built-in liquidity is automatically and permanently locked, ensuring the security of investor property.

🔰 A sensible floor for price increases
Each SmartRocks token is fully supported by its base assets, guaranteeing that the token's baseline value will not be lost. 6% of each trade goes into the base price pool, the base asset is the token traded asset (e.g. BNB), the base value will always increase with each buy/sell, thus forming a base value that will never decrease, providing the smartest price floor lift ever.

🔰 NFT trade platform
Through smart contract DAPP, it provides users with a comprehensive auction and bidding service platform on the blockchain. Users can put commodities on the shelf and burn a certain number of tokens. After successful transactions, 5% of the fee will be drawn, and the profits of the platform will be used to buy back and destroy tokens, making each token have absolute value.
Price Change
1h 1d 1w 1m
Price Change $ 2.4% 2.4% 12.3% -11.5%
Price Change PAIR 0% 0% 5.5% 21.1%
Baseline Value Change 0% 0.08% 1.16%
Buy Fees of SRS Token
Property Percentage
Asset Backing 6%
Holder Reflections 0%
Burn ROX 0.1%
Total 6.1%
Sell Fees of SRS Token
Property Percentage
Asset Backing 6%
Holder Reflections 0%
Burn FEG 0.5%
FEG staking rewards 0.12%
Smart Rising Price Floor 4%
Total 10.62%
Initial Token Distribution