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About ROXbsc
Name ROX (ROXbsc)
Blockchain BSC
Total supply 1,000
Burnt 3 0.3%
Locked in Perpetual Faucet 100
Current Circulating Supply 897
Market Price $232,024 / 759 BNB
Baseline Value $1,564 / 5.12 BNB
Price Ratio 148.33 X
24h Volume: 0 / 0 BNB
24h Volume Detailed:
Buy Sell
0 0
24h trx count: 0
24h trx count Detailed:
Buy Sell
0 0
0.001 ROX USD Value $232.02
Market Cap $208,053,216 / 681,695 BNB
Fully Diluted Market Cap $231,255,664 / 757,718 BNB
Token address 0xa3D522c151aD654b36BDFe7a69D0c405193A22F9

ROXbsc Token address:

About ROXbsc

ROX Token is a multi-chain token built with SmartDeFi technology, which is FEG Token’s most advanced product that will offer others in the cryptocurrency and DeFi spaces the ability to easily launch their token on FEGex with this breakthrough technology! Afterward, they can simply integrate that token directly into FEGex. Hundreds of tokens will use this SmartDeFi technology code in the future, and FEG Token will directly benefit from all use moving forward.

ROX Token is the first token to utilize the SmartDeFi token infrastructure. ROX Token will outperform and is not just some "new token.” It is the first use of FEG Token’s most innovative product in DeFi.

When you want to buy or sell ROX, you do so directly with the token itself and not via a third-party host. ROX Token owns its liquidity, so trading globally is performed to and from the token itself and can never be stopped or altered. It is encouraged that future DeFi tokens utilize this protocol as it will streamline the truest form of DeFi.

If you hold 0.001 ROX you will be a feeless receiver on all SmartDeFi Tokens, meaning you will receive your full buys and transfers.

All SmartDeFi tokens cannot be listed on any other DEX, if you see them on another DEX they are not legit.

Originating Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Contract Address: 0xa3D522c151aD654b36BDFe7a69D0c405193A22F9
Total Supply: 1,000 ROX
Holder Rewards: 1%
Max Sell: 1 ROX
100 ROX provided for perpetual FEG Token’s Development Reward contract. FEGrox is supplying all initial liquidity and asset-backing, so this is the share for that liquidity.
900 ROX placed into tokens ownership for trading liquidity
0.5% of all sells will buy FEG and burn it
0.12% of all sells are awarded to FEGstake

Price Change
1h 1d 1w 1m
Price Change $ 1.6% 1.6% 4610.5% 2508.1%
Price Change PAIR 0% 0% 4333.1% 3490.9%
Baseline Value Change 0% 14.62% 16.67%
Buy Fees of ROXbsc Token
Property Percentage
Asset Backing 5%
Holder Reflections 1%
Total 6%
Sell Fees of ROXbsc Token
Property Percentage
Asset Backing 5%
Holder Reflections 1%
Burn FEG 0.5%
FEG staking rewards 0.12%
Smart Rising Price Floor 0.1%
Total 6.72%
Initial Token Distribution