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Primary! The following risk measurement columns are based on the two conditions:
  • If all the presale tokens are sold
  • If the team claims max (50%) amount
Risk related columns:
  1. Launch price: (Presale tokens * presale price) * 0.995 / 4 / liquidity
  2. Baseline price: (Presale tokens * presale price) * 0.995 / 4 / total supply
  3. Presale ratio: (Presale price / Baseline price)
  4. Launch ratio: (Launch price / Baseline price)
  5. Risk points: (Presale ratio * Launch ratio * (Presale price * Total supply) * Team control) / 50,000
Higher Risk points mean higher risk to invest
Nugos Token Nugos Jun 22, 2022 BSC 400,000,000 600,000,000 66.7% 26.3% 7% 0.000000125 50 0% 0.000000157 0.0000000415 3X 3.8X 0.12 Calc 3 6 3 9.1 12.62
Worthy Token WRTH May 24, 2022 BSC 30,000,000,000 70,000,000,000 71.4% 18.6% 10% 0.000000012 600 10% 0.0000000207 0.00000000384 3.1X 5.4X 2.8 Calc 4 2 2 6.1 8.62
Waudio WGT Sep 21, 2022 BSC 100,000,000,000 44% 22% 34% 0.0000000114 500 0% 0.0000000113 0.00000000249 4.6X 4.5X 16 Calc 1 3 1 4.1 5.62
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Worthy Token
Worthy Token
The Worthy DEx will be a binary time based trading platform that we expect will bring the fun and hopefully profit to all of our users. We will change the way everyone uses DEx platforms for both traditional and binary users. Like all decentralized exchanges we will not require you to hold your crypto investments on our platform but instead you will do all of your trading directly from your personal wallet such as our Worthy Wallet, or existing wallets like Trust wallet, Metamask, etc. The Worthy DEx will give you the power to DeFi banking. This is binary trading done with the users in mind. We will also feature a crypto ICO launchpad, NFT marketplace, staking, yield farming and traditional trading platform. We plan for our users to be able to use their Worthy wallet addresses as a Decentralized Checking Account (DCA), which will be the first of its kind. There will also be a debit card linked to the DCA. The Worthy DEx app and site will feature many different tools, rewards and bonuses to help our users reach the goals they have set for their invesment and trading future. We will institute a rewards system that offers our users bonuses for: ● Adding a designated amount of funds ●For buying and holding a designated amount of WRTH Tokens while actively trading on our site or apps. ●For actively trading multiple pairs of crypto, alts and exotic pairs ●For taking part in ICO's and IDO's featured in our Launchpad section ●We will offer bonus power hours that will add a 2% -10% boost to profits to each users trade for that hour. ●There will be a reward and bonus marketplace where users can purchase many of these incentives with their WRTH tokens to boost their trading profits. That is just a few examples of what we will offer for the binary trading side of our platform. For the traditional side we will feature tools that will help traders and investors interact with the market in a set it and forget it way that will make you wish we created this platform sooner. Our platform and tools will make it easier for beginners to wield the power of DeFi and DEx investing. The only question that is left is...Are You Worthy?